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Our Mission

At Lafi Arts, we are a cross disciplinary dance program that celebrates and values dance as an art form by offering wholesome, high quality classes and performance opportunities that form intelligent, creative, and versatile dancers who make art in and out of the studio. 

What Does it Mean?


We believe that strong dancers have a grounded technical and kinesethetic knowledge of multiple forms of dance. 

Cultivate Dancer's Individual Voices

We seek to foster creativity, originality, and the individual voice of each of our dancers. Because of this, we mold our classes to best support and challenge the needs of the individual dancer. 

Every BODY Dances

We believe that every BODY dances and that each dancer is beautiful and valuable because of who they are, the hard work they accomplish and the joy they bring to the classroom and the stage. 

How Does it Work?

You'll see the difference in our dancing, in our classes, in our teachers, in our performances. Our dances dance with clarity, strength, technicality, grace, creativity, and joy.

Where Did it Begin? 

Sue Gunness began this legacy of dancing making and art making. She pioneered this dance program 35 years ago and has helped shape and form hundreds of dancers who have gone on to perform nationally and internationally as well as teach, choreograph and pursue non-traditional jobs for dancers. She truly valued her incredible staff and ensured that many forms of dance were celebrated, valued and taught in her studios.  

The Vision Continues 

          We continue to champion Sue's vision and dream by shaping young dancers across multiple disciplines of dance into excellent,                    beautiful and intelligent performers, choreographers, teachers, and people, not just in the studio but beyond to all spheres of                      life. 

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