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Why Choose Lafi Arts?

Wholesome Environment

We use age appropriate music, costumes, and dance movements in the classroom as well as on the stage. We believe in a healthy body image and a positive view of the self while dancing. Our motto is "every BODY dances."


Highly Qualified Instructors

Our dance instructors are educators in the dance field who have received their degrees in dance and have worked as professionals in teaching from toddlers up to the collegiate level, but also choreographing and performing concert dance.


Over half of our staff have their Bachelors and/or Masters degrees in dance and dance education.


Our educators are committed to staying current in the dance field by performing, choreographing,

and learning continually outside of the studio.


Our instructors perform professionally in the past and in the present with dance companies and well-known choreographers located in Minneapolis, most notably Eclectic Edge Ensemble, Continental Ballet Company, and Concerto Dance.

Emphasis on Arts and Safety

Our classes are formatted to teach the art, beauty and safety of dance and the moving body. We teach students to stretch and strengthen their bodies safely rather than forcing flexibility or technique. We believe in strength rooted in safe anatomical body knowledge will result in lifelong, strong dancers. 

Excellent Training and Technique

Our age appropriate levels and curriculum build technique in dancers to create strong, creative, healthy young performers. Many of our dancers go on to study dance in college as well as perform, choreograph, and teach professionally post college. 


We offer a wide range of classes as well. Creative Movement for our youngest dancers, ballet, jazz, tap, and modern for every age and stage. We also offer hip hop for teen dancers as well as extra performance opportunities throughout the year.

A Note From the Director,

"The wealth of knowledge in our staff really sets up apart and you'll see it as soon as you walk in the door. We make art. We use age appropriate curriculum and costuming. We teach and instruct with patience, knowledge, and kindness. And we have fun." 

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